Collin Sutton is a native of the beautiful tropical island of Newfoundland. Born in St. John’s and raised in Calgary, Collin pursued acting out of high school. After traveling with a theater company around Alberta and appearing in films and commercials, he set his sights on Hollywood. Since being in California, Collin has had much success in pursuing his career. Studying under the talented Coach Clay Banks, he has learned the art of film acting and what it takes to work not only in the ECU but all other areas of film. He has also been fortunate to work under the eyes of Elizabeth Huffman and Kent Skov. Collin has been cast in many films from shorts to features and been on the stage in many a play. Some of his notable performances include Ernest in “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Waitwell and Sir Rowland in “The Way Of The World“, and Juror #8 in “12 Angry Men,” where he appeared along side his very talented wife Lola Corwin. Collin has been seen in front of the camera in the features Dracula, Bobby Fischer Live and most recently in No Saints For Sinners, where he starred along side Keith David and rising Irish actor Rick Crawford. He also has made roads into¬† television with the pilots Sentenced For Life, Hollywood Handyman, and being cast this year in the opening sequence for Fox’s American Horror Story. Collin continues to make headway in the pursuit of his career with hard work, dedication and more importantly the love and support of his wife and two children.

“Great actor, you gave me your heart every take.”
Hugh Jackman

“Collin Sutton is one of those naturally gifted actors who can morph themselves into completely different kinds of people right in front of your eyes and he is always truthful to each character and moment. A gifted, professional and wonderful to work with actor. Directors should fight over this guy.”
Elizabeth Huffman

“An, unassuming powerhouse of leading man charm and strength, with the ability to bring a versatile range of interesting characters to life.”
Clay Banks
Director and Acting Coach

“Collin Sutton is a fully dedicated actor. He fights, he creates, and he works hard at each character. There’s nothing he won’t do, and is always fully prepared. A true gift to work with.”
Nathan Frankowski

“Authentic in the moment. Feeds off the other actor with real emotion. Mirroring the other actor in the reality of the scene.”
Rick Crawford

“In my opinion Collin is a very good character actor and knows how to make a quirky character seem very real and makes the audience relate to them.”
Aleida Lam